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Have you written any recent reports about stocks in the robotics industry?

Posted on 02/15/17 by Frank Tobe

I am often asked this question because I used to research and write 30+ articles about publicly-traded robotics companies each year. In addition to interesting stock activity, I also tabulated and charted the movement of those companies and reported and analyzed the results.

Currently, I write about fundings, acquisitions and IPOs each month but I don’t speak to the stock side of things. The hiatus is over. I intend to begin to post articles about publicly-traded robotics-related stocks as they become newsworthy or file to become publicly traded (there have been very few IPOs).

ROBO Global

In 2013 I co-founded a company with a couple of financial people which used my data to develop an index and licensed that index to some fund managers. In October 2013, ROBO, an ETF, went up on NASDAQ. You may remember the event: we used a robot to ring the NASDAQ closing bell on the day ROBO went live. In October 2014, a similar ETF, ROBG, went live on the London Stock Exchange.

As a consequence of being a partner and because of SEC regulations, I had to send everything I wrote about stocks and funds to compliance officers. It cost me time, money and angst, so rather than fight the situation, I stopped writing about stocks, indexes and funds.

Robo Global, the index company I co-founded, has licensees in the EU and U.S. and soon in Asia. Those licensees have over $500 million of AUM (assets under management). In less than 3-1/2 years those assets have grown from $5 million at launch time to $500 million today.

In 2015 and 2016 we gained a few competitors. One has already closed and another, in Japan, has over $1 billion in AUM - a figure ROBO Global aspires to beat!

For detailed information about our index, it’s holdings, and the European and U.S. ETFs, go to the ROBO Global website:

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Frank Tobe is the owner and publisher of The Robot Report and co-founder of ROBO Global which has developed a tracking index for the robotics industry, the ROBO Global™ Robotics & Automation Index. The index of 82 companies in 13 subsectors tracks and captures the entire economic value of this global opportunity in robotics, automation and enabling technologies.

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