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Sony's surgical robot working on a corn cob.

Sony developing microsurgery assistance robot

featured image for podcast with headshots of Jonathan Hurst from Agility Robotics and Jan Zizka from Brightpick.

unitree g1 humanoid hero image.

Unitree unveils G1 humanoid for $16K

screenshot of presentation from automate show on the benefits of using mmrs.

How humanoid robots can help narrow gaps between automation and labor

InductOne provides high throughput in a single induct lane for a low total cost of ownership, says Plus One.

Two-armed InductOne designed for parcel induction

Intrinsic uses NVIDIA foundation models to improve robotic grasping

Agility Robotics receives the Robot of the Year Award for Digit from Zion Solutions.

Zion Solutions Group to be first systems integrator for Agility Robotics' Digit

UR cobots at the Peugeot assembly plant in France.

Why cobots hold the key to unlocking operational efficiency in large manufacturers

The Robot Report Podcast discusses AI-powered robots with Matt Casella and Chris Padwick.