Friday, July 28, 2017

Service Robots for Governmental and Corporate Use

A service robot is a robot which operates semi or fully autonomously to perform services useful to the well-being of humans and equipment, excluding industrial automation applications. They are capable of making decisions and acting autonomously in real and unpredictable environments to accomplish determined commercial tasks and are usually operated by a trained operator. Defense, rescue and security applications account for the majority of applications thus far. Unmanned aerial, mobile and underwater vehicles are included in this category. Field robots (mainly milking robots), cleaning robots, construction and demolition robots, laboratory, medical, rehabilitation, and surgical robots, and mobile robot platforms for general and small business use. Also logistic systems, inspection systems and educational and public relations robots.

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21st Century Robotics

3D Robotics

3Detection Labs (RBOT.RU) (RU)

3P Services GmbH

4DigitalPages & 4DigitalBooks (CH)

5G International

AAI (acq by Textron Systems)

AAI Canada, Inc. (CA)

AAR Corp.

AB Controls

Aberle Automation GmbH

About Packaging Robotics


Accurate Automation

Accuray Inc.

Acsa-Alcen (FR)

Action Robot (CN)

ADCOM Systems (UAE)

Adept MobileRobots Inc. (formerly ActivMedia)

Adigo AS (NO)

Adlatus Robotics GmbH

Advanced Defense Technologies

Advanced Micro Robotics

Advanced Tactics

Advanced UAV Technology

AEE Tech Co (CN)

AEL Sistemas (BR)

Aeon Scientific AG (Aeon Phocus) (SW)

Aermatica (IL)

Aero Kinetics

Aero Surveillance (FR)

Aero-Nautic Services & Engr (A-NSE) (FR)

Aerobot (AU)

Aerolution GmbH

Aeromao (CA)

Aeronautics Ltd. (IL)

Aeronavics (Droidworx) (NZ)

Aeroscout GmbH (CH)

Aerosonde (acq byTextron) (AU)


AeroVironment Inc.

Aerovision S.L.

Aeryon Labs

Aesculap AG (Orthopilot)

Aesynt (acq by Omnicell)


Ag Leader Technology

AGCO Corporation (Fendt)

Ageotec (IT)

Agilent Technologies

Agrifac Machinery B.V. (NL)

Agrobot (ES)

AgRobotics (AutoProbe)

ai-solution GmbH (DE)

AICIA Robotics

AiDrones (DE)

AIP Primeca (FR)

Airborne Robotics GmbH

AirRobot GmbH & Co. KG (DE)

AirShip Technologies Group

Al Marwan Group

ALCI Visionics & Robotics (FR)

Alenia Aermacchi (IT)

Alfa Automation Technology Ltd. (CN)

Alkadur Robot Systems GmbH

Allen-Vanguard Corp. (acq Kentree Ltd)

Alliance Spacesystems

ALNEA Soldering (PL)

Altavian Inc.


Amano (JP)

Amazon Robotics (formerly Kiva)

Amazone-Werke GmbH

American Android

American Dynamics

American Robot Co (AMBOT)

Ampegon (CH)

AMSTAF (Automotive Robotic Ind) (IL)

Android Technics (RU)


Anhui Nuoan Information Technology (CN)

Anronaut GmbH (CH)

ANYbotics (CH)


AOT Advanced Osteotomy (CH)


API Technologies (acq Kuchera)

Applied Medical

Applied Perception (QinetiQ)

Applied Physical Sciences

Applied Research Associates, Inc (ARA)

Apsun (KR)

Aquabotix Technology Corp

AquaCut (Israel)

Aquiles Robotics Systems S.L.

Arago AG (DE)

ARCA Space

Arcturus UAV

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