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Integrators are generally engineering firms which design, build and install turnkey robot systems but do not manufacture robots for resale or distribution by other companies. Some of these firms often partner with robot manufacturers and act as distributors; others consult and offer design solutions after comparing robot manufacturers and selecting the one(s) that make the most sense for the required solution.

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AA Robotics

AB Precision (Poole) Ltd

ABC Robotics (SL)

ABCO Automation

ABI bv (NL)


Acieta (prev Ellison Tech)

Acme Manufacturing Co

Acquire Automation

Actemium (FR)

Active8 Robots

Adept Turnkey (AU)


Advanced Control Solutions

Advanced Integration Technology (AIT)

Advanced Manipulator Specialists

Advanced Solutions Life Sciences

Aerospline (FR)

Afag Automation AG (CH)

AFT Automation & Precision Engr GmbH

Ag Business & Crop (Can)

AGR Automation (UK)

AgriOptics (NZ)

AGT Robotics (Can)

AGX Tecnologia

Ahel Automation (FR)

AKE-Systemtechnik GmbH

Akeoplus (FR)

Aldakin Automation (ES)

Alema Automation (acq by KUKA) (FR)

Alliant Group

Allied Automation

Aloi Material Handling

Alphamatic GmbH

ALPHR Technology

Alumotion (IT)

American Robot Sales


Amistar Automation

AMS Galaxy USA

Antenen Robotics (frmly Antenen Research)

Antipoda (PT)

Apex Automation & Robotics

Applied Controls

Applied Engineering

Applied Manufacturing Technologies

Applied Materials, Inc.

AR Plus (FR)

Archon Technologies (IT)


Aris BV (NL)


ARM Automation

Arobot (IN)


ARPI Industrial Equip (UAE)

Artemis Vision


ASA Automatisierungs & Fordersystems GmbH

Asimov Robotics (IN)

ATS Automation Tooling Systems

Aumann GmbH

Australis Engr & Automation

AutoControl Systems (AU)

Automate Control Engineering Ltd. (CN)

AutomaTech Robotik (Can)

Automatica (IL)

Automation & Control Services, Inc.

Automation Assistant (FI)

Automation GT

Automation IG

Automation Machine Design (Can)


Autotec Engineering

AV&R (Can)

AVN Gruppen

Awetis Engr & Mfg GmbH

Axicont1131 Budapest, Rokolya u. 1-13.

Axium, Inc.

Axymatic (BE)

Aztec Projects (UK)

B & O Engineering (HU)

Bachmann Engr AG (SW)

Bär Automation GmbH

Bartsch GmbH

Bastian Solutions

Batte Robot (CN)

Bauman Automation GmbH

BEC Buck Engineering GmbH

Beijer Electronics (SW)

Benda Manufacturing (BMI)

Berge Robotics

Bernecker + Rainer (BR-Automation) (Austria)

Bila A/S

Bilfinger Engr & Services

Blackbird Robot Systems GmbH

Blue Sky Engineering

Blue Sky Industrial Robotics

Bluewrist (CA)

Blumenbecker Group GmbH

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