Sunday, March 29, 2015


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Intuitive Surgical gets big endorsement and new competition

Posted on 03/29/15 by Frank Tobe

UPDATED 3/29/15: For over two years, Intuitive Surgical has been sued, tried, analyzed and criticized about the efficacy of their da Vinci surgical robots. But they have continued to thrive, grow and improve their products.

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9 new robotics research reports

Posted on 03/24/15 by Frank Tobe

A flurry of 10 costly robotic research analyses offered by a variety of vendors were recapped in a previous post. Here are 9 additional reports for your review and consideration.

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Deep Learning Primer

Posted on 03/23/15 by Frank Tobe

The technology that unlocks intelligence from big data - deep learning - is explained in this video by Max Welling, a professor at the University of Amsterdam, and a founder of the Dutch deep learning startup Scyfer.

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Sensor-driven armband used to direct robots

Posted on 03/18/15 by Frank Tobe

ThalmicLabs' MYO gesture-based armband is making inroads driving robots, moving robot arms and on the arms of a Dutch trance music producer, DJ and radio personality.

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Hansen Medical gets $35M; Clearpath Robotics $11.2M

Posted on 03/17/15 by Frank Tobe

Two robotics-related companies just got funding. Hansen Medical sold 53,846 shares to get $35M; Clearpath Robotics got $11.2M for an unusual reason.

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FAA exemption permits drones for oil and gas inspections

Posted on 03/16/15 by Frank Tobe

Sky-Futures, a UK-based company offering drone inspection services to the global oil and gas industry, through their Houston office, was awarded an FAA exemption allowing their drones to fly in US air space.

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Why are JIBO, Pepper, Siri, Google Now and Cortana so important?

Posted on 03/13/15 by Frank Tobe

There's a race going on to see which AI solution providing personal assistance is welcomed by businesses, end users and consumers, and whether it be physical or virtual.

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February was another good month for robotic investments

Posted on 02/28/15 by Frank Tobe

February was another big month for investments in robotic startup companies. 3D Robotics, Flyability, Fetch Robotics, EHang and many others.

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3D Robotics gets $50M Series C funding

Posted on 02/28/15 by Frank Tobe

The $50 million Series C funding, mainly from Qualcomm, provides the basis for a tacit partnership between Qualcomm and 3D Robotics with a goal of leveraging the pace of innovation in the smartphone industry and extending it to the world of 3DR.

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Foxconn begins selling noodle-making robots

Posted on 02/28/15 by Frank Tobe

Early in 2014 Foxconn invested $25 million in Fu Jiang Robot Technology, a Shenzhen robot maker which had a dough-slicing device that was beginning to sell.

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Pepper delayed until summer; top execs leave

Posted on 02/23/15 by Frank Tobe

Softbank announced a delay in sales of their Pepper robot from February until sometime during the summer. Aldebaran announced that CEO and Founder Bruno Maisonnier and Jean-Christophe Baillie have left Aldebaran as CEO and CSO respectively.

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Proposed sUAS rules from FAA

Posted on 02/19/15 by Frank Tobe

​The US Federal Aviation Administration released their proposed rules for small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) for 60-day public review.

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Media is more excited about farm robots than exhibitors

Posted on 02/13/15 by Frank Tobe

The 48th annual World Ag Expo, with over 1,400 exhibitors, finished up in Tulare, California this week with little exposure to robotic game changers. Their Top 10 New Products included just one robotic entry.

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Seegrid reorganization plan okayed by judge

Posted on 02/12/15 by Frank Tobe

A bankruptcy judge cleared the way for Seegrid to exit from Chapter 11 by okaying the reorganization plan and rejecting challenges lodged by the ex-CEO.

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Fetch Robotics gets $3 million

Posted on 02/09/15 by Frank Tobe

Ex-Willow Garage and Unbounded Robotics veterans get $3 million to bring mobile manipulator and mobile platform to market.

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Robotics research forecasts upward growth

Posted on 02/08/15 by Frank Tobe

A flurry of recent costly robotic analyses are offered by a variety of vendors. 10 are robotics-related - most show steady growth rates; a few project spectacular growth.

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Financial briefs: Recent transactions

Posted on 02/05/15 by Frank Tobe

New Chinese robotics investment fund; the RIA says 2014 North American robotics set new sales record; marine robotics company gets acquired. These stories and many more....

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Pick a place and learn about robotics

Posted on 01/31/15 by Frank Tobe

30+ robotics-related events dot the global map and offer you a range of interesting robotic conferences and trade shows. Pick a place and learn.

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January fundings are off to a great start!

Posted on 01/30/15 by Frank Tobe

Rethink Robotics, Xenix, Rapyuta, Perceptron, Skydio, Sarcos and JIBO have all announced substantial fundings for a wide range of robotic ventures. Plus there are some new funders joining the fray.

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Clamor for Bay Area and Silicon Valley Talent

Posted on 01/25/15 by Frank Tobe

Silicon Valley and the whole San Francisco Bay area have such an abundant talent pool that global companies and startups alike are setting up research labs and offices there to secure engineering and programming expertise.

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