Monday, September 1, 2014


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Korean Yujin Robot Launches Meal Transport Robot

Posted on 09/01/14 by Frank Tobe

Korean-based Yujin Robot continues to release thoughtful new products. They just announced a meal-transport robot designed to operate in eldercare and other hospitality and health care facilities.

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Rain on Google’s Self-driving Car Parade

Posted on 09/01/14 by Frank Tobe

Auto World News reminds us that Google's self-driving car can't navigate heavy rain or most roads and that there are still many challenges to solve.

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Google’s Secret Drone Delivery Program

Posted on 08/29/14 by Frank Tobe

The Atlantic revealed the inside story of Google's two-year secret X-labs drone-delivery project in a detailed story by Alexis Madrigal.

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The flixels are coming; the flixels are coming!

Posted on 08/27/14 by Frank Tobe

The Orlando Sentinel reported that the Walt Disney Company filed for 3 patents involving flying entertainment robots, a growing segment in the emerging service robotics industry.

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Finally somebody debunks the Pew Research Center’s “AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs” report

Posted on 08/25/14 by Frank Tobe

Kudos to Erik Sofge, Boston-based reporter for Popular Science Magazine. His recent story, "Sex Bots, Robo-Maids, and other Sci-Fi Myths of the Coming Robot Economy," cleverly pokes holes where they're most needed.

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Over 3,000 robotics-related companies, research facilities and ancillary businesses

Posted on 08/23/14 by Frank Tobe

The Robot Report's database of robotics-related companies, research facilities, schools, start-ups and ancillary businesses has grown to 3,000+ and is displayed free in our seven industry directories and global map.

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Inroads in perception

Posted on 08/21/14 by Frank Tobe

Google's recent acquisition of Emu Messenger is just one of many items in recent news about improvements in perception and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Automation is inevitable says CGP Grey in his new video

Posted on 08/15/14 by Frank Tobe

CGP Grey, a popular YouTube videographer, has released a new robotics-related video about the jobs issue: "Humans Need Not Apply" in which he shows why automation is inevitable.

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Hotel delivery robot debuts in Silicon Valley

Posted on 08/12/14 by Frank Tobe

Savioke, a start-up headed by ex-Willow Garage CEO Steve Cousins, has provided Aloft Hotels with a robotic butler. Aloft Cupertino is the first to use the new SaviOne delivery robot.

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3D Robotics Acquires Sifteo

Posted on 08/09/14 by Frank Tobe

3D Robotics acquired Sifteo, the start-up which developed Sifteo Cubes and their associated game applications, for an undisclosed amount.

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Governmental Funding of Strategic Robotic Projects

Posted on 08/08/14 by Frank Tobe

Many governments have determined that robotics will play a significant role in contributing to their economy and have set up projects to fund bottlenecks to speed up the process.

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Q1 and Q2 2014 robot sales best ever

Posted on 08/02/14 by Frank Tobe

Following the International Federation of Robotics' (IFR) announcement earlier this year that 2013 set an all-time robotics record, the North American Robotics Industries Association announced that 2nd quarter robot sales were the best ever and the 1st and 2nd quarters combined have set a new record.

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10,000 robots to be used on new iPhone 6

Posted on 07/24/14 by Frank Tobe

MacRumors has done a roundup of iPhone 6 rumors and reported that the new phone will come in two models: 4.7” and 5.5” and be released starting this September.

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JIBO: a game changing social robot

Posted on 07/20/14 by Frank Tobe

JIBO, a 2013 Boston start-up, launched an IndieGoGo campaign last week and is off to a rousing start, lots of favorable press, and it has raised more than $1.4 million over their $100,000 goal.

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Robots for entertainment - Part II

Posted on 07/19/14 by Frank Tobe

Entertainment users of robots include movie studios (e.g., “Gravity”), entertainers (e.g., Blue Man Group), rides (Disney Epcot Center), resorts (Wynn) and bartenders (Bicardi and Coca Cola).

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China International Robot Show (CIROS) a BIG hit

Posted on 07/16/14 by Frank Tobe

CIROS, the China International Robot Show held last week in Shanghai had record crowds, record numbers of exhibitors, 168,000 sq ft of exhibition space, and exuded confidence in a thriving up-and-coming Chinese robotics industry.

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3 Exoskeleton Companies Go Public

Posted on 07/13/14 by Frank Tobe

First came Ekso Bionics with an alternative public offering that netted $30.3 million; then Cyberdyne let its stock be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange; and last week the WSJ reported that ReWalk Robotics had filed an IPO and planned to raise $57.5 million.

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Will agricultural robots arrive in time to keep fruit and vegetable costs down?

Posted on 07/10/14 by Frank Tobe

77% of all agricultural workers in the U.S. are foreign born and about half of those are undocumented (1). These low-wage workers have helped keep American food prices reasonable - especially for growing, harvesting and processing fruits and vegetables. 

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2013 Robotics Funding Up 32% From 2012

Posted on 07/03/14 by Frank Tobe

UPDATED 7-3-14: Once again Google-X Labs' roboticist entrepreneur Travis Deyle has released his compilation of robotics-related venture funding for 2013. The results show a 32% increase over 2012 and $250.7 million for 19 start-ups.

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Top 10 take-aways from AUTOMATICA 2014

Posted on 07/01/14 by Frank Tobe

When you see a slick robot - say for instance the new Aldebaran Pepper robot - you can easily be distracted by the design, the gestures, the interaction, the cuteness. But AUTOMATICA reminds you that there's a whole lot of "stuff" going on inside that robot.

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