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2013 Robotics Funding Up 32% From 2012

Posted on 07/03/14 by Frank Tobe

UPDATED 7-3-14: Once again Google-X Labs' roboticist entrepreneur Travis Deyle has released his compilation of robotics-related venture funding for 2013. The results show a 32% increase over 2012 and $250.7 million for 19 start-ups.

From Travis' blog:

Robotics companies raised at least $250.7 million in 2013, which compares very favorably to the $190 Million from 2012. Also of interest this year: Google snapped up eight top-notch robotics companies (including Boston Dynamics and Redwood Robotics); Amazon announced its audacious drone delivery plans; Mako Surgical sold for $1.65B and MakerBot was acquired for $600M; a $100M VC fund was set up to invest specifically in robotics and AI!

This list is almost certainly incomplete, so be sure to let me know if I forgot anyone.

Caveats: I opted to leave off any funding that was under $1 Million. I also know of a number of still-stealthy startups that raised in excess of $1Million (each sub-$5M) in 2013, but I'm not at liberty to disclose those details until they're made public elsewhere. Finally, I opted to leave off Shapeways' $30M round as it's not strictly robotics.

To read Travis's detailed company-by-company article, click here.

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