Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Startup Companies

Privately held robotic companies established to develop a concept or product or robotic-related service for sale but doesn’t yet have it all together. They have established a business and are in motion toward their goals but haven’t made any sales or aren’t fully funded, haven’t finished developing the product, or all of the above.

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2GetThere BV (NL)

2Mar Robotics (AU)

3D Data

4Front Robotics (CA)

5D Robotics

6 River Systems

Aarav Unmanned Systems (IN)

Ability Switzerland (CH)

Abundant Robotics

Action Drone

activeROBOTICX Gmbh

Acumen Robot Intelligence (Onagofly) (CN)


Adele Robots (ES)

Advanced Aviation Technology (A2) (IT)

Advanced Robotix (FlyBi)

Advanced Unmanned

Advanced Unmanned Robotics & Automation (UK)

AEE Tech Co (CN)

Aerial Mob (acq by 5D Robotics)

Aerial Monitoring Solutions (SA)

Aerial Power Limited (UK)

Aerial Services

Aerialtronics (NL)

AerialX (Can)


Aeroarms (ES)

Aerob (RU)

Aerodreams (AR)

Aérodrones (FR)

Aerofoundry (BR)

AeroLift Express

Aerolution GmbH

Aerosense (Sony/ZMP) (JP)

Aerotainment Labs (CH)



Agile Iron


AGRI-Copter (Dialogis) GmbH

Agribot (PO)


Agribots (CL)


Agritronics (NL)

Agroguia (ES)

AgroIntelli (DK)

Ai Build (UK)

AI Motive (prev AdasWorks) (HU)

AI-Robotics (CN)

AIBrain, Inc.

AIO Robotics

Airborne Concept SAS (FR)

Airborne Drones (SA)

AirFence Solutions (AppoloShield) (IL)


Airobotics (IL)


Airstoc Limited (UK)

AirVinci (Can)

Airvionic GmbH (DE)

Airware (Prev Unmanned Innovation)

Airwolf 3D

Aleph Objects, Inc (LulzBot)

Alerion Technologies GmbH (DE)

AlfaRobotics (RU)

Algorithmica Srl (IT)

All Drone Solutions

Allied Drones

Alpha Smart Systems LLC (RU)

Alpha Unmanned Systems (ES)

Altitude Angel (UK)

American Robotics

American Unmanned Systems

AMP Robotics

AMY Robotics Co Hangzhou

Andrew Alliance SA (CH)


Angus.ai (FR)


Anronaut GmbH (CH)

AOT Advanced Osteotomy (CH)

Apellix Robotics

Applewhite Aero

Applied Dexterity



AquaGenesis (RoboSnail)

Aquamarine Robots (FI)

ARA Robotique (Skymate) (Can)

Arable Labs

Arbe Robotics (IL)


Arevo Labs

Ars Electronica Linz GmbH (Spaxels) (AT)

Asratec Corp (JP)

Assistobot (NL)

ATI Aerial Technology Intl

ATTAbotics (CA)

Auris Surgical Robotics

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