Friday, July 28, 2017

Service Robots for Personal and Private Use

A service robot is a robot which operates semi- or fully autonomously to perform services useful to the well-being of humans and equipment, they exclude manufacturing operations, and they are capable of making decisions and acting autonomously in real and unpredictable environments to accomplish determined tasks. Personal service robots, which include vacuum cleaning and lawn-mowing robots, tele- and remote-presence, elder care and medical companions, and entertainment and leisure robots, including toy robots, hobby systems and kits, and home education and training robots are examples of personal service robots which are usually operated by a lay person.

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Adele Robots (ES)

Airwheel (CN)

Aisoy Robotics (ES)

Aldebaran Robotics (FR)

Alfred Karcher GmbH (DE)

AlterG (prev Tibion Bionic)

AltiGator (BE)

Anker (Eufy)

Applied Machine Intelligence (UK)

Aqua Products (acq by Fluidra)

Aquagenesis Intl

Aquatron Ltd (IL) (acq by Fluidra)

Arimaz SA (CH)

Artificial Life Source Holding PLC

Asustek Computer (Zenbo) (TW)

Atlas Robotics


Bandai Co Ltd (JP)


Beijing UNIS Intelligent Robot System (CN)

Belrobotics (AT)

Bestic AB (SE)

BiOM Personal Bionics (prev iWalk)

Bionik Laboratories (CA)

BioServo Technologies


BJ Robot (Zhinengjia) (CN)

BKIN Technologies

bona Robot (CN)


Brilliant Service

Butterfly Haptics


Compal Communications (UrRobot) (TW)

CrustCrawler Inc.

CT-Asia Robotics (TH)

Cub Cadet (formerly Precise Path Robotics)

Custom Entertainment Solutions

Cyberworks Robotics Inc (CA)

Dae Kyoung Ing Co., Ltd.

Dainichi Co., Ltd.

Daisen Denshi Kogyo

David Vision Systems GmbH (DE)

Deka Research & Development

Dexta Robotics (CN)

Didel SA (CH)

DIY Drones


Dongguan Robstep Robot (CN)

Doog Inc (JP)

Dream Cheeky (CN)

Drone Technology (LV)

Dynamic Devices (CH)

Dyson (UK)

E-zicom Robotics (FR)

ECOVACS Robotics (CN)

Electrolux (SE)

Ergopedia (acq by Pasco Sci)

Ergosurg (DE)

Estes-Cox Corp

Evolution Robotics (acq by iRobot)

Exact Dynamics (NL)

Examen Technolab (RU)

EZ Robot (CA)

Fluidra (Spain)

Flymo (Husqvarna) (UK)

Fmart (Beijing) Robot Technology Corp. (CN)

Focal Meditech BV (NL)

Fred Barton Productions

Freedom Innovations

Fujisoft (JP)

Fulling & Ceiec (CN)

G2 Inventions

Garmin Ltd.

GCtronic (CH)

GeStream Technology (Be-Robot) (TW)

Giraff Technologies AB (SE)

Global Robot Co., Ltd. (CN)

Goldenrod Research


Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co. (CN)

Guangzhou DKN Electronic Technology (CN)

Hajime Research Inst Ltd

Hangzhou Favor Robot Technology (DENNA) (CN)

Hangzhou Fivestar Electronic Enterprise (CN)

Harbin Greatest Interest Guest Technology (CN)


Hayward Pool Products

Hello Robot (CN)

Hexar Systems (KR)

Hitec Robotics

Hizero Technologies Co., Ltd (CN)

Hobot Technology (TW)

Hocoma AG (acq by DIH)

Horizon Hobby (Blade)

Hunan Grand-Pro Robot Tech (CN)

iLife Robot (CN)

Indego (Parker Hannifin)

Infinite Jib (CA)

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