Friday, July 28, 2017

Ancillary Businesses

Companies that provide products and/or services to robot manufacturers. Software and vision systems developers and providers, magazines, research organizations, engineering and consulting firms, component manufacturers, resellers and distributors.

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2d3 Sensing (UK) (acq by Boeing)

2G Robotics (CA)

3D Infotech

3D Laser Mapping

3D Systems

3S Smart Software Solutions Codesys GmbH

3W International GmbH

A&S Machinery Co.,Ltd (CN)

A-1 Servomoto Repair

A-REXX Engineering (Netherlands)

A1 Concepts (NL)

AB Realisator Mgt Consulting (SE)

ABB IdeaHub (UK)

Abel Womack


Abiry Tech (IL)

Aboard Engineering (FR)

Accel Partners

Acconeer AB (Sweden)

Accrea Engineering

Acorn Industrial Services (UK)

Acorn Product Development

Acroname Robotics

ACS Motion Control (IL)

ACT Lab (CN)

Action Bearing

Activelink Co (JP)

Acutronic Group (acq Erle) (CH)

AD Robotics (UK)

adafruit Industries

Adaptive Materials

ADEX Technologies

Adlink Technology (TW)

Advanced Arm Dynamics

Advanced Motion Controls

Advanced Reconnaissance

Advanced Scientific Concepts

Advansee LLC

Advantech-LNC Technology Co. (TW)

Advenovation Inc.

Aegis Technologies

Aera Technology

Aero SDB (AU)

Aero-Life GmbH

Aeroazores (PT)

Aerobros (PL)


AeroLas (DE)

AeroSpy Sense & Avoid Technology GmbH

AeroTerrascan (ID)

AF Group AB (SE)

Affymetrix (acq by ThermoFisher)


AGI American Grippers

Agile Sensor Technologies (CA)

Agisoft (RU)

AgJunction (prev Hemisphere GPS)


AgNav (Can)

Agrinetix (ANX)

AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope (DE)

AgSense Wagnet (acq by Valmont Ind)

AgTech Accelerator

Agusta & Allied Vision Technologies AG

AGV Mécatronique (FR)


AH Automation (Sweden)



Airbus Defense and Space GmbH

Airinov (FR)

AIROD Technologies (FR)

Airspace Consulting

Airtac International (TW)

Alicona Imaging GmbH

Alion Science & Technology

All Motion

Alliance Robotics (Fanuc)

Allied Motion Technologies

Allpoint Systems

Almende B.V.

Alta Devices


Alten Group (NL)

Altius Space Machines

AlvaMed Medical Device Consulting

Amaryllo Intl B.V. (NL)


AMC Hofman

Amerden AGVs

America in Motion AGV Systems

American Aerospace Technologies, Inc

American Science & Engr

American Warehouse Systems


Amimon Connex (IL)

Amixys Sarl Best of Robots (FR)

AML Communications

Amoeba Robotics (Robugtix) (HK)

Amohr Technische Textilien (DE)

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