Thursday, April 17, 2014

Start Up Companies

Privately held robotic companies established to develop a concept or product or robotic-related service for sale but doesn’t yet have it all together. They have established a business and are in motion toward their goals but haven’t made any sales or aren’t fully funded, haven’t finished developing the product, or all of the above.

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2Mar Robotics (AU)

5D Robotics

9th Sense

Abankos Robotics (FR)

Adele Robots

Advanced Tactics

Advanced Unmanned

Adventure Robotics

Aeon Scientific AG (SW)

Aerob (RU)

Aerodreams (Argentina)


Agile Iron


AIO Robotics

Air Robotics

AirDroids (Pocket Drone)


ALCI Visionics & Robotics (FR)

Aleph Objects (LulzBot)

Alion Energy

Alpha Smart (RU)

American Unmanned Systems

Andrew Alliance SA (CH)


Applewhite Aero

Aquiles Robotics Systems S.L.


Argo Medical Technologies

Arimaz SA (SW)

Artificial Life Source Holding PLC

ASR Inc (MIS-Robotics GmbH)

Assistobot (NL)

Astrobotic Technology, Inc.

Augmented Medical Intelligence Labs (Med Sensation)

Autonomous Marine Systems

Autonomous Tractor

Awabot (FR)

Axilum Robotics


Barobo Inc.

BEAR Oceanics


Biom Personal Bionics

BioRob Bionic Robotics GmbH

BioServo Technologies

BioXtreme (Israel)

BirdBrain Technologies

Bitcraze AB (Sweden)

Blue Belt Technologies (Healthpoint)

Blue Danube Robotics (Austria)

Blue Ocean Robotics (Denmark)

Blue River Technologies

BlueBear (UK)

Bossa Nova Robotics


Briggo Inc

Bright Cloud Intl

Butterfly Haptics

Carnegie Robotics

Catheter Robotics

China Ewatt Technology (CN)

Cognitive Spring

Commonplace Robotics GmbH

Compogrip AB (Swe)

Construction Robotics

Copterpix Koftrfix (IL)

Corindus Vascular Robotics

Crescent Unmanned Systems

CT-Asia Robotics

CtrlWorks Pte Ltd

Cubic Robotics (RU)

Culture Japan Smartdoll (JP)

Cybedroid (FR)

Cyber Tech TRIK (RU)

Cyberdyne Robotics Lab (IT)

CyberHeart Inc.


CyPhy Works

Dash Robotics

David Vision Systems GmbH

Deep Trekker (Can)


Delair-Tech Airborne Sensoring (FR)

Detroit Aircraft

Dexterite Surgical (FR)

DO Bots (NL)

Double Robotics

DreamBots Ltd.


Drones Networking (Sweden)

Dynamic Devices (CH)

EAB Engineering

Ebotlution Systems

Ecoppia (Israel)

Edge Robotics

Emoshape Ltd (UK)

Empire Robotics

EndoMaster (SN)

Entact Robotics

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